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12 Days of Yoga

Starting on the 1st Dec the videos will run for 12 days, you will have full access to them until 1st Jan. You may watch the videos anytime you wish, re watch, catch up and enjoy practicing in your own space and time.


£12 = 12 Days!


To keep the commitment easy the videos vary from 5 -20 minute sessions. Walking you through simple breathing techniques, specific practices to release the upper body and lower body. Explore flow yoga, yin yoga, build strength, flexibility and enjoy this time to just check in with yourself. Its 12 days to really inspire you and get you reconnected to yourself.


Spending 5-20 minutes a day for 12 days helps you kick start a routine, feel great for moving your body, feel great for finding time for yourself and make the most of a commitment. Over the Christmas period, don't feel bad for indulging, don't feel bad for enjoying yourself! Notice your triggers, notice how you can incorporate your yoga practice into your daily lives. It's all about balance. Healthy body, healthy mind.


This channel is coming soon!
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