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who we are...

This years Earth Family is a small group of handpicked teachers from Worcestershire & Staffordshire. All beautiful in their own individual ways, sharing personal modalities and practices. Collectively holding a space that is unlike any other, come and be held, supported and nourished by these beautiful souls.

Retreat Schedule

Friday - Building connections

11.00-11.30am Arrival & settling in

12.00-1.00pm Opening circle & heart intentions with Victoria

1:30-2.30pm Lunch

3.00-4.00pm Earth yoga & meditation with Rebecca

4.30-6.00pm Partner yoga & massage with Victoria & Marie

7:30-8.30pm Evening Meal

9:00pm Yoga Nidra & Soundbath


Saturday - Re-wild your heart

8am Face Yoga & meditation with Ruth

9.00-10.00am Breakfast

11.00-12.30pm Elemental Yoga with Shasha

1:00-2.00pm Lunch

3.00-4.00pm Ojas & Water realms yoga with Sarah

5-7pm Awakened Belly dance connecting to the Root Chakra with Marie

7:30-8.30pm Evening Meal

9:00pm Open fire drum circle with Kirtan led by all teachers.


Sunday - Coming home to yourself

8:00am Mindfulness walk & gentle breathing practices with Ruth

9:00-10.00am Breakfast

11.00-12.30pm Myofascial Release with Victoria

1:00-2.00pm Lunch

3.00-4.00pm Finding stillness Yin Yoga with Faith

4.00-5.00pm Closing circle

Timetable subject to changes


Rebecca Broomfield

Calling in the elements Rebecca will be sharing a Celestial journey, with meditation & Shamanic drums.


Marie Burrows

Marie will be sharing a 2 hour awakened Belly dance practice, one of the most profound & powerful of sessions.


Ruth Murray

Ruth opens our mornings with mindfulness, face yoga and breathing practices to wake up the body and mind.


Victoria Waits

Victoria will be leading a heart intention practice, sound baths, myofascial release & partner yoga. The host of the retreat she offers support and guidance to all attending.


Sarah Rumble

Sarah will be leading a practice listening to what our heart and body needs, tapping into our reservoir of Ojas nectar to revealing a glow of
radiance and joy.


Shasha Crow

Shasha is a vibrant and intuitive teacher, she will be sharing an elemental yoga practice to invoke energy, rebirth and transformation.