Offerings - Yin Yoga

Creating a safe space for individual growth, where your physical attributes, physicality and ability will never hinder your ability to grow. Sharing mixed ability classes focusing on personal experience, positivity, connection and kindness.


Faith is a teacher with a background in mental health care and a passion for mental well-being and yoga philosophy. Her ethos for teaching is to make yoga as accessible as possible for everyone. Something she feels strongly about as she has adapted her own practice due to injury.  Expect gentle but purposeful movement, feeling deeply into the body, connecting with yourself, in a compassionate and playful manner. Story telling, poems, quotes and nature are all strongly woven into each practice.

Faith will be leading a guided Yin practice, a time to settle down into a slower pace of life. To enjoy the delicate movements and pauses that Yin has to offer. Yin is a yoga practice where we hold postures for an extended period of time. We use props like cushions, bolsters and blankets to support the body and we rest! Faiths teaching style is gentle, encouraging and tells a story. While guiding us into postures she has a beautiful way of bringing in the world around us, reminding us that we are connected to nature, strong like trees, light like bird flight and whole.