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Offerings - Partner Yoga & Awakened Belly Dance

Marie will be sharing two immensely beautiful practices with us on Friday and Saturday evening. Her energy holds such a special space and you feel calm and grounded when around here. Her partner yoga will be our connective session where we all get to be playful, silly and learn about each other with movement. Awakened belly dance is an exploration into letting ourselves go, we dance, shake, sway and spiral. These two practices are life changing in them self! 


Marie loves to dance with the cycles & seasons of life, and believes in the power of both movement and stillness. Weaving in inspiration from nearly a decade of practice, worldwide learning, traveling and teaching into her offerings she teaches with kindness and a sense of humour.  Marie believes that Yin yoga is an incredibly powerful tool for self regulation and transformation, and her signature online offering Seasonal Rest is a Yin course which moves with the seasons. 

Partner Yoga


Connect with yourself and the earth family around you with a beautiful partner yoga session led by Marie. Combining solo, partner and group asana these sessions are a playful way to drop into your body and child like self ~ expect lots of giggles!


Awakened Belly Dance


Explore earth from another perspective as we embody the root chakra through Awakened Belly Dance with Marie. A style of movement like no other, this sacred dance is based on traditional belly dance movement and infused with magic, alchemy and intuition...leave your expectations at the door!

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