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30 day yoga challenge

This September come and join in the 30 day yoga challenge starting 01.09.20! Enjoy a practice to help you rewild yourself, connect to your body and mind with grounding postures and rekindle your playful side! 

It's super simple and easy to join in, from Tuesday 1st September on Instagram & Facebook a Yoga posture will be posted daily. Inspiring you to practice every day whether it's for a few breaths or a few minutes this will help you build a healthy habit of mindfulness, it also gives you chance to check in, stretch, strengthen and breathe.

Take a photo of your posture and share it on Facebook/Instagram with the tag #wildloveyoga #wildlove30days @wildloveyoga 

A wonderful chance for you to track your yoga progress, share and inspire others and build the yoga family!

For those who take part every day (don't worry if you're a little late) you can be in the chance to win a x10 class package for FREE!

Have fun and good luck!

Victoria x


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