April Newsletter

Updated: Apr 7

H E Y . A P R I L

Welcoming glorious April! And by glorious I mean sunshine, cold and snow! What a funny old time of year, but even if we are seeing blankets of snow on the ground we can still be grateful for the sun shining! In the week we went on a 12 mile bike ride, in the cold and snow, it felt so liberating, just lovely to be out and exploring new places.

With the season of spring well and truly here it's time for us to embrace and create change within our lives. I know today marks big changes for us all as the cost of living has increased, rising fuel prices are now the norm and the gas and electric has made living 'comfortably' a strain.

Let's do what we do best & use our yoga tools and techniques to listen, to feel and to understand events with patience and acceptance.

+ Allow yourself to keep calm by noticing your breath when you are feeling a little overwhelmed.

+ Write a journal or lists of things to do, priorities first, it's helpful to even write down your emotions, as they say "better out than in".

+ Communicate and express how you are feeling, to a loved one, a friend, anyone, by sharing it allows us to feel lighter and helps others understand what you are experiencing. We are good at bottling things up and must remember that even our closest companions are not mind readers!

+ Be in charge, make your own decisions and reassess your energy usage, your bills, where you are spending, where you can save. You make the calls.

+ Take each day as it comes, some days are busy, some days we have a quiet minute to ourselves, honour that it is always progress x