Ashtanga Workshop

Welcoming the first workshop of 2021! This workshop is delivered by Victoria & Faith, a close friendship and teacher duo who work with the principles of trust, self care and serious playtime.

You will be guided through the Primary Ashtanga series with the opportunity to learn posture breakdown with the guidance of hands on adjustments from both teachers (THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!).

Ashtanga is a sequence that flows from standing poses, to seated, twists, backbends and inversions. It's a well rounded practice that works the whole body. It instills discipline, focus, poise, compassion and patience. This workshop will work you hard, but leave you feeling incredible. Enjoy the process of linking the breath with movement, creating a moving meditation. Enjoy the challenge, but bring yourself into focus with learning the philosophy of Pratyahara, Enjoy the deep rest that comes after working your body and mind in unison. You wont regret attending.

This workshop is not for 'complete' beginners, but is open to all levels as we break down poses to make them accessible for every 'body'. We feel it's important to share our combined knowledge to honour your individuality, your body and minds needs within each practice. At the end of the class we will be offering questions & answers and demonstrating posture alignment which will enable you to gain more insight of strength, flexibility, muscle tension and compression.

Saturday 11th Sept


The Oaks Community Hall

(Harvington, by The Dog pub)

This is going to be an amazing opportunity to reconnect in person, to learn, to laugh and to all come closer together within the yoga community.

Bring your yoga mat.

Bring a notepad and pen.

Wear comfortable clothes (it get very sweaty).

Bring your props (blocks & straps) if you have them.

Bring a blanket for relaxation.

Bring an open mind.

We cannot wait to see you!

V & F x


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