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Welcoming August!!

Today marks the beginning of a new month and highlights how far we are through yet another year! How will you start this month? What intentions do you have and what directions are you exploring? I love the beginning of the new month, rather than celebrating a new year, a new month can bring about a personal shift, we can let go of the old and bring in the new and we can always inspire our days to be better!

Enjoying the summer sun, bright days and warm weather really can uplift our spirits. I hope you are all managing to take a little time out to enjoy nature and maybe a little get away for some real down time.

This month you'll see lots of new content, Im in full swing of filming and editing while we have wonderful sunshine! My days are seriously busy but I love that Im influenced by the weather rather than a strict routine. So, as I write this Im just preparing my camera's and batteries to make the most of a calm Sunday evening!

Im also so excited to share that you can now sign up to the Video library for full access of Yoga videos, Pilates videos, guided meditation, relaxation, alignment, posture breakdown, balance flows, challenging practices, gentle and Yin classes.


For the FIRST WEEK of August

SIGN UP for only £12 a month!

After 08.08.21 subscription will be full price at £15 a month.

Enjoy complete access to all videos with unlimited viewing.

Practice anywhere, anytime.

New videos posted weekly (lots are in the process of being uploaded!)

While I explore landscapes and beautiful backdrops I would love to hear what you would like to practice at home! I have so many ideas and flows (as always!) But what would YOU love to access anytime? Im currently filming my guided relaxation which has been requested so many times! Get in touch or leave a comment below and lets make it happen!


Enjoy an ONLINE Vinyasa Flow Yoga practice

at the new time of 7.00-8.00pm!

Sending you lots of love for this gorgeous month ahead,

V x


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