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Butterfly Pose

Butterfly posture will always be a posture that I include in any practice, even if I practice for 10 minutes this would be in there somewhere! Did you know you can do this in a passive way lying in bed? This is a posture that opens the hips but can be very therapeutic for reproductive health and menstruation. It also helps stimulate the root chakra (grounding) and aids digestion. The hips are related to our emotions, where we cling, glasp and carry heavy mental 'stuff', if you're stressed or overwhelmed this will also retract the front body making us shorter through the front...bending us over to make ourselves smaller in the world. Let yourself gently connect to your emotions, feel them, let them flow and find acceptance. The more we can feel our emotions (no matter what they are) you will feel alot more open, physically & emotionally.

Butterfly Pose - Baddha Konasana

1. Starting from seated, let’s sit on cushions to create an anterior tilt of the pelvis, as if you were going to slip off the front of the cushion.

2. Bring the soles of the feet together and allow the knees to fall apart, you can have the heels close to the groin or further away, enjoy the variation each time you practice.

3. If you would like to support under the other thighs feel free. Let’s sit here for 5 - 10 long deep breaths, as the hips open over time this will allow the body to fold forwards a little easier.

4. Working into the posture with the principles of Yin, still, supported and quiet, there is no force, no pulling, no effort.

5. You can explore different variations with the hands & arms. As the hips open you will find moving forwards easier and may be able to grasp the feet. If you can hold the feet, hug the elbows in and thread the heart forwards between the upper arms. Find your depth, your edge and breathe!

6. Inhaling to create a lightness within the heart and exhaling to soften within the pelvis. Notice what comes up and breathe into the sensations.

If you would like a more passive approach try this lying down on your back, maybe with pillows underneath the outer thighs. Rest and breath in the posture for 5 minutes.

+ A grounding pose that connects to the Muladhara Chakra

+ It opens the inner thighs, hips, groin, releases lower back discomfort.

+ Relieves abdominal and reproductive discomfort.

+ Helps circulation

+ Eases fatigue

V x

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