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Christmas & New Year Wishes

L E T S . R E S T

Im sending you all my Christmas and New year wishes, where has the time gone? I hope you all have moments of calm throughout the day and enjoy whatever you may be doing! Im taking a slow step back to honour my needs. Ill be offline (not replying to emails or doing any admin) until the New Year as I manifest, heal and create my intentions for what I offer in 2023. Its going to be a very powerful and special year and now more than ever I am exploring my potential and grace. Im standing still to move forwards. I hope that you too, can do the same.

Thank you so so much for an amazing year, for joining me online, in studio and attending my many workshops this year it really has been the most beautiful opportunity to connect and grow together. Thank you for growing with me, thank you for showing up for yourself, thank you for being you. I wouldn't be the teacher I am if it wasn't for you.

I hope you have embraced this year with both hands, and plan to jump feet first into the new, I know we all experience difficult moments but never forget those moments mould you and give you strength. Each day that passes you become a better version of yourself.

If you're lucky enough to take some time off over these next few weeks, enjoy it, rest, do nothing, eat well, indulge, sleep, dance, laugh, get in nature and certainly don't punish yourself for not doing your physical practice. Yoga is life, its the movement and change, it's the ups and downs, the challenge and play, the energy and the rest.

Enjoy the fluidity and sensations that comes over the next few days and into the new year, let them wash over you and make your skin tingle and your heart light.

Sending you the warmest wishes,

Now & always.

V x


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