DAY 13 - Low Lunge #wildlove30days

DAY 13 of the #Wildlove30days yoga challenge 🌿

One of my absolute favourites and one of the best postures to stretch those thighs! Great for creating mobility in the hips and legs and an absolute must if you love running or any resistance training. Do you have a love/hate relationship with low lunge? Let's take time to love it!

Low Lunge - Anjaneyasana

1. Starting from standing, on your exhale gently fold forward with both knees bent bringing the hands to the ground. Soften through the upper body with every breath out.

2. Step as far back as you can with the right foot and bring the right knee down. Align the left knee and ankle, the sole of the foot is flat and supportive. Inhale lift the heart towards and beyond the left knee exhale to soften the pelvis down towards the floor.

3. Finding a little traction by guiding both feet towards each