Day 18 #wildlove30days

🌿Day 18 #wildlove30days

🌿Seated forward fold - Paschimottanasana

Its the end of the week and its time to share my favourite pose! Seated forward fold, this is one of the postures that has taught me so much about myself over the years of practicing it. I couldn't touch my toes, I couldn't relax, I found it incredibly challenging, and you know me, I love a challenge! This posture will always be my go too, a familiar place where I can retreat, I can get grounding and I can always reflect on my patience and my breath.

Start by sitting with the legs long down the length of your mat, create space within the hips by moving around and getting comfy over the sit bones, if your legs, lower back or hips feel particularly uncomfortable today sit on the front edge of a cushion or block (encourage and anterior tilt in the pelvis). Flex the feet and lengthen the spine. As you inhale open the heart and lengthen the belly button towards the knees, as you exhale lengthen forward, slide the hands down the thighs, shins or rest either side of the legs, be mindful you do not need to pull with the hands if the feet are flexed, the sensation where you are at in that layer is where you will relax into. Try your best to keep the legs straight, if the body is feeling super tight (remember its a process or patience!) you can work into the pose with Yin principles, supporting under the knees, on top of the thighs and drape your body over the legs. 10-30 breaths for the flexed feet variation, 5 minutes for the Yin variation!

Every time you come to your mat, remember it's about the sensations, the willingness to learn about how you're feeling in that moment.

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