Day 23 #wildlove30days

🍂Day 23 #wildlove30days

🍂Pranayama - Breathing with movement.

As we step into the Autumn equinox I think it’s important that we remind ourselves to slow down, to embrace change and work with how we are feeling, this season brings a cold fresh air with sunshine flickering within the changing colours of the leaves, as the weather becomes colder and the evenings draw closer let’s take time to restore our breath. You’ll find it’s perfectly normal to want to hibernate or lose motivation for your crazy energetic practices, this is just your own natural rhythm adapting to the wonderful circadian rhythm. Autumn and winter is about taking time to nurture, slow down, rest, eat well and move your body with care.

This is a simple breathing technique that you can do for a few minutes, seated or standing.

Find a comfortable and quite spot and close your eyes, take time to just settle into the body and notice how it feels, this is the simplest technique you can do to increase your breath awareness, and with awareness you create more space within the body and mind. Notice the breath, without changing it in anyway, just feel, and slowly mentally count. Then taking your tile begin to count equally, allowing the breath to follow, quietly, slowly. Once you find an equal breath allow the arms to lift on the inhalation and float the arms down as you exhale. Enjoy the limitlessness of the space around you, just being with your body and breath. Simple & beautiful!

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