Day 24 #wildlove30days

🌿Day 24 #wildlove30days

🌿Boat pose - Navasana

Its time to bring some warmth into our homes and hearts, Autumn is here and we need to evolve our practice as the seasons change, as the days get colder you might find more tension appear within the body if we cant quite get warm enough, its also very normal for flare ups to appear within the joints as the bodies synovial fluid may become more viscous. A great posture that I swear by is good old Boat pose! You love it to right?! Warming your body from the inside, bringing awareness to your core centre aids digestions, stimulates body heat, strengthens the lower back and keeps us in check what ever time of year. You don't need to practice an expansive or extreme (looking) variation of boat posture to get the benefits. Find a comfortable seat with the knees bent and feet to the floor, sitting up tall lengthen through the waist, maintain this length and take an inhalation. On your exhalation draw your belly away from the thighs, (maintain the length in the waist!) Slowly start leaning back and allow the feet to lift away from the floor. Use your core to create stability and strength whatever expression you're exploring. Sitting high towards the front of the sit bones, heart lifts, shoulders down, core tight! (I know, I know, my heart is cosy and in hugging mode! ) 30 seconds to a minute, every day for the rest of this week please!

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