Day 25 #wildlove30days

DAY 25 #wildlove30days

Downward Facing Dog - Adho Mukha Svanasana

This posture we have already explored on day 5 of the challenge, a foundational posture that will always be a building block to any well rounded practice. Today we explore 3 legged dog, leaning, softening and finding movement. Starting in a table top position, spread the fingers wide and allow the collar bones to lengthen. Tuck the toes under and on your next exhalation press the hands into the mat, press through the heels to lift the tail bone towards the ceiling. Pedal through the legs, sway the hips and become aware of the weight of the body moving and being supported by the hands and feet. Lengthen through the spine and extend the head, allowing the ears to align with upper arms. Slowly start kicking the right leg up towards the ceiling bend the knee and open the hip, shining the pelvis to the right hand side of the room, circle the leg, lean the chest and even look under the left armpit! The heels don't NEED to be on the mat, they will get there in time with practice and patience. Find the sense of suspension within the hips, and enjoy exploring movement anytime. 5 - 10 deep breaths.

Strengthens the core, arms and legs. Lengthens waist, armpits and leg muscles. Brings a sense of calm to the mind, a pose to reconnect back to the breath and build stamina.

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