Day 29 #wildlove30days

Day 29 #wildlove30days 

Head to knee pose - Janu Sirsasana

Let's enjoy a single leg forward fold, this posture is called head to knee pose, but lets make it comfortable, supported and spend a good 3-5 minutes here without the need to 'perform' the posture. Remember your practice is about settling in, feeling, learning and enjoying the process. From a seated position with the legs straight in front of you, bend the right knee up and allow the right knee to fall out to the side, the sole of the right foot rests on the inner left thigh. As we are moving into this posture with the principles of Yin, use as many cushions, blocks or bolsters as you would like to support the body. With the support your body will relax and you'll create more length and space within the muscles, the connective tissues, you can even create space between bones. As the body find support slowly begin to fold the upper body over the length of the left leg, as soon as you find a layer of tension or resistance here you will settle, for 3-5 minutes! Yin is a wonderful practice to embrace within the Autumn and winter months so you'll notice it dotted in classes more. Please remember to do each side, take your time, don't rush and relax!

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