Day 6 #wildlove30days

🌿Day 6 #wildlove30days yoga challenge

Cobra pose - Bhujangasana

This week we embrace opening our hearts, physically and emotionally. We take time to relax our shoulders, move the body around with expressive postures and learn to unravel fears and boundaries. Here we can enjoy postures like Cobra pose, locust, camel and fish pose to explore our boundaries and move from our protective nature, who knows what’s the other side of your comfort zone.

Laying down on your belly, guide your hands beneath the shoulders. See if you can wiggle the length of the belly along the mat to lengthen the waist & release the lower back. Still with the hands beneath the shoulders, spread the fingers. Take an inhale and feel the belly inflate, as you exhale press the shoulders towards the back edge of the mat. This may be sufficient to engage the upper back, variation one, stay here and lift the hands (a little locust variation) or press the hands down, hug the elbows to the lower ribs. On your next inhalation lift through the crown of the head lifting the chest away from the floor. Press little toes towards the mat, slight engagement of the core and tailbone down. Take your time here and try not to over dominate with the hands, use the whole body to experience the expression of the posture. 5-10 long breaths, listening to how you feel and enjoy opening the heart. 🤍

Benefits: Strengthens the back muscles, articulates the spine and creates flexibility. Stretches the belly and massages internal organs, opens heart and lungs, soothes stress and fatigue.

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