Day 7 #wildlove30days

🌿Day 7 #wildlove30days yoga challenge

🌿Extended Hand to big toe - Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana

One of my all time favourite postures! A beautiful balance that requires strength, flexibility, focus and patience all rolled into one, this posture has taught me a lot about myself, never give up, keep trying, find grace, when you fall out just get back up and start again.

From standing, feet hips distance. Find a focus point on the floor or wall. Slowly hug the right knee towards the chest, guide the right fingers underneath the back of the right knee. Using the hand as guidance lift up through the leg and waist. Encouraging the spine and upper body to be tall and structured. To move deeper catch a hold of the right foot with the right hand and gently begin to stand up tall again. This will still open the hip! As you find your balance and the hip opens slowly begin straightening the leg, this takes time and practice so honour those layers you move through each time you come and enjoy this posture. If you have found a spark of space, stillness and silence test yourself and look the opposite direction!

Benefits: Any balance brings focus to the mind, discipline. Strengthens legs, ankles and feet. Opens the hips, hamstrings, strengthens the glutes and core.

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