DAY 8 - Seated Forward Fold #wildlove30days

Day 8 of the #wildlove30days yoga challenge

Janu Sirsasana has always been a posture that I find myself in, its full variation (with both legs straight) has been my all time favourite, now this doesn't mean I have always been able to do it, because I haven't! I couldn't touch my shins let alone my toes when I started to do yoga, it's the practice and dedication that will move you deeper over time. This is a posture that calms the mind, you can withdraw from the space around you and rest into yourself, it also stretches the complete back body.

Head to knee pose - Janu Sirsasana

1. From a seated position with the legs straight in front of you, bend the right knee up to the chest (close the knee joint) and then allow the right knee to soften out to the side towards the floor, the sole of the right foot rests on the inner left thigh.