Free Online Yoga Class - Tuesday 18th Oct

I wanted to share this practice with you, to reach out and share practices that can change your life. I'll be holding an online space for you to join and enjoy yoga and its many wonderful layers. This practice is open to all, and I hope will be the little nudge to start your yoga journey, that it's not about creating fancy shapes with the body, that it's learning to love how the body moves and how it feels.

Mental health can rear its head in many peoples lives, in fact all of our lives at some point or another and it's so easy for us to feel overwhelmed, lost, anxiety and detached from the big wide world that surrounds us.

Within this practice i'll be guiding you back home to yourself, a chance to reconnect to your body and mind. Enjoy a gentle yoga practice and an opportunity to ask questions and interact with me at the end of class, honestly, anything you want to share, ask, feedback Id love us to all have a chat and catch up so get your questions ready!

+ Be guided through breathing techniques to calm the body and mind. + Move the body through gentle mobility and a slow flow practice (suitable FOR ANYONE!). + Enjoy finding moments of calm and clarity with visualisations. + Build a self care routine + Learn techniques to come back to yourself within a busy life and busy world.

Open to everyone and it would be lovely to reconnect with my online yogi's after a few months of not being online! You are missed!

Join me ONLINE for FREE Tuesday 18th October 7.00-8.00pm (with extra 30 minutes question & answer session)

This is by booking only & is streamed live via ZOOM.

Practice will last one hour and 30 minutes will be allocated for question & answer time if you wanted to stay! x

It would be lovely to see you!

V x


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