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Free YOGA class Updates

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Hey my wildlings!!

I'm so excited to see you all this evening!! Are you ready?! If you're booked into class don't worry If you have received an email saying 'there has been a change to this session'.

It's only me just increasing the capacity of class we now have over 70 people coming to play!

If you're new to classes online and a little unsure of ZOOM have a little read through the walkthrough:

It's easy once you know how and i'll be starting the session 5 minutes early to give you all chance to get logged in and set up!

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch, please be mindful I will not check my emails before the class starts as Im setting up space and getting in the zone to bring you the best experience!

Tonight's playlist:

(You'll need to listen to this on another device, and remember you will get adverts if you don't have a premium account!

Want to book on to the free class... here you go!

See you very soon!

V x


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