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Free Yoga this Sunday - Staying home with pets.

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

This Sunday you're invited to a 45 minute gentle and deeply relaxing yoga practice, many people are staying home with their pets and I wanted to reach out if you're one of those people!

Come and practice with your pets, create a calm space and just spend time. This class is open to everyone (pets or no pets!) lets get connected and de-stress.

Welcoming in November and the end of the weekend, rest, release and reset.



Within the session you will be guided into postures with calm and restful in mind! Its not a fast class and we wont be standing up, come and enjoy seated and reclined postures with the use of cushions, blocks and blankets (whatever you have that can support you). Learn to breathe and relax your body and mind.

As this class is online you don't need to have your camera on if you don't want it on!

If you haven't practiced an online class with me before please do fill out the health declaration (it takes 1 minute). This is valid for 6 months so doesn't need to be done again if you have already done it!

This class is BOOKING only so please make sure you book your place!

You're invited to enjoy a FREE yoga practice with Victoria, this session is open to all levels ages 16+. This free class is to encourage you to enjoy something new, create a connection to your body and mind, move and release tension and stress, share the class with your friends, family and enjoy being a part of the yoga family!

A way of giving back to you all for your kindness and support, a way of reaching out to share the love for yoga.

See you on the mat! V x


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