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Freedom. What does freedom mean to you? Right now I’m my life freedom is allowing me to show up as I am, truthfully, no barriers and no boundaries. Over these past few years I have grown into myself more so than the 34 years I have been on the earth. As we age we gain knowledge and understanding for the experiences we grow through, whether they are identified as ‘amazing’ or ‘difficult’. You may also notice as you age you have less attachment or reactions to the so called drama of life, it is in fact ourselves and our mind that create such things. Each day take a few moments (minutes can turn into hours the more you practice) of noticing your thoughts, your emotions towards things, this can be ANYTHING. Just sit and become the observer, can you identify what is important, what is trivial, what you have been carrying for years in your body and mind that you no longer need to hold onto? The more you notice the easier it is to let go, as you let go, you find more freedom.



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