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Gratitude for self love!


Waking up on a rainy Sunday morning bathed in the love and warmth from last nights Self love workshop. I love to let myself settle in to the magic, reflect, feel it all.

It felt so beautiful to lead the practice along side the beautiful @shasha_crow seamlessly unravelling our layers physically and emotionally. Softening our inner silk like layers, moving to awaken the heart and release, release, release and then finding the most quiet space to connect to self touch, slow delicate movements to familiarise ourselves with ourselves once more.

Bring it back to you. Honour the time to be with yourself, feel your feelings, accept your unique and beautiful individuality, open your heart.

Thank you all so much for joining us both! Your smiles and energy filled the room and it was beautiful to fill you up with love and kindness. @shasha_crow it was an honour to teach with you!

We both have upcoming workshops and will be collaborating in the future, let’s see what our hearts call!

Have the most beautiful day.

V x


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