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Happy Summer Solstice

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

H A P P Y . S U M M E R . S O L S T I C E !

Sending you all love today and always, today marks the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. It opens our eyes and hearts, it boosts our energy levels, we are wide awake to embrace all that is ahead of us. Today for us in Worcestershire the sun hasn't made an appearance but that doesn't mean the energy isn't there. These long summer days that are approaching we get the chance to really soak in the suns vibrance and power. The sun is made of fire which can invoke our inner fires, our fiery passionate playful side, we can use its energy to uplift us, inspire and energise us.

The weeks to come you will feel a shift within the energy and the practices Ill be teaching (some of you may have already noticed!). There will be an underlying guidance from our inner fire that resides within our core. Classes will be flowing, warming, playful and challenging.

This energy is seriously powerful and gives us the ability to create positive change, to face challenges, to make decisions, to practice healthy boundaries and to say YES to life!!

We all want to enjoy a life that is free, stable, abundant and inspiring. We all want our bodies and minds to be healthy, active, stressless and creative. So as each day comes gently remind yourself that you have the chance to create a beautiful day, week, month and year... just tune into your inner sunshine!

The recipes on the website are soon to be updated! After a few weeks of having no laptop I'm so happy that I can now get my backlog of good food on the blog!

Whats been your favourite recipe so far? What do you want to try?! I have lots of salads and cakes to share with you.

Have you been changing your food habits with the warmer weather? As our Ayurvedic Dosha's are influenced by the weather you may notice a natural shift into what you're craving... No idea what Dosha's are?

Click the link below to learn a little bit more about them! You'll learn a lot about your body and minds need in a few minutes!

To celebrate International Yoga Day I'm sharing a free yoga class online and outdoors this Wednesday. If you can't make in person i'll be streaming it live!



Open to all levels ages 16+

Outdoor class based in Kidderminster

Over these past few weeks Ive had the most amazing opportunity to be outdoors and being creative with photoshoots! This is from a Maternity photoshoot with a fellow yoga teacher, it was so nice to capture her energy and connect with her over the hours we spent in the sunshine and landscapes of Cannock Chase.

Bookings are now open for natural, laid back, relaxed and creative photoshoots, you can find more details in the bookings tab! I would like to share that I do not edit ANY of my photos, I dance with the sunshine to capture the lighting, the rainbows, the flickering of dust, the energy and aura's of my clients. It truly is magic to allow my creativity to flourish again.


W H A T S N E W ?

+ Online classes are still running and will continue to do so as long as I have interest!

+ On demand videos will soon be in the video library, allowing you to practice anytime, anywhere.

+ NHS Discount will be changed from 50% to 20% off single bookings June 30th.

+ Workshops and sound baths will start running from September 2021 (Restriction permitting).

+ Private sessions are fully booked until July, I will have space for a new client, get in touch if you want personal tailored sessions!

+ The outdoor Yoga classes at Bodenham Arboretum outdoor have been extended until August!

+ Keeping up with the times Ill be updating the website with a new look soon (you have all grasped Im a chameleon by now haven't you!?) New colours, new photos, new vibes!

To keep up to date please feel free to subscribe, get in touch, ask questions, leave feedback and interact! Now my Mac is finally repaired we can make the most of our time together. Im happy to say I'll be blogging to my hearts content, recording videos and sharing lots of inspiration!

Thank you, for everything.

See you soon!

V x


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