Hey July - NEWS

July brings us incredible sunshine and hopefully some lovely travel and holiday time. The 6 weeks holidays are almost here and its time to enjoy and make the most of summer!

Through July & August you'll see Im doing less (even though the timetable looks busy!) but Im taking a little time to strip online classes right back until autumn, take holidays for festivals and to get away with my boys. I also want YOU to take time off and enjoy life, thats what yoga is all about, enjoyment, feeling, being more in tune with what we want and need and Im sure after a few years of lockdowns we are all in need of a summers break!



This month Im hosting nourishing practices, summer is the season of YANG, high energy and HEAT. (We all feel it!) and it's important to adapt our yoga practices to balance the body and mind. So you'll find me leading sessions that are slow, mindful, deep and cooling.


Enjoy a soothing self care yoga and sound bath practice to uplift and fill yourself up with self love, clarity and openness. Come and join me for a beautiful summer inspired yoga & sound bath session. Through out the year it's important to take some time for yourself, this workshop will truly fill you up, reconnect to yourself, gain a clear mind, soothe your heart and release physical and emotional tension you have been carrying.

Our yoga practice will be inspired with self massage, a little myofascial release and the importance of self touch. Our hands interact with everything in our day to day life, thus our energy is continuously been given away. Here you are bringing all of your energy back to yourself. To feel your heartbeat, to notice your breath, to remind yourself that you are incredibly important too!

+ Enjoy natural self care techniques to beautify your skin and wellbeing. + Move through a yoga practice to glow from the inside out.

+ Intuitive journalling to release self limiting beliefs.

+ Deep relaxation sound bath with crystal singing bowls. chimes, hand pan and other beautiful instruments.

SATURDAY 16th JULY 6.00-8.00pm

£20 per person

Please bring: Yoga Mat Cushions/Blankets (Single duvets & thick blankets for sound bath). Comfortable clothes for practice.

The workshops are open to all levels and abilities, with modifications for each posture and the encouragement to do what feels right for you, you are invited to come and unwind. All sessions are suitable for everyone (ages 16+).

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch anytime, V x



I am very excited to share one of the most amazing practice with you, a practice combining long Yin yoga holds, intuitive flowing movements and fascial release with self massage. Our bodies hold tension, physically & emotionally. From the body holding its posture from day to day, injuries, imbalance, muscle weakness/tightness and habitual patterns we can feel achey, tired and sometime clunky in our bodies.