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It’s almost the weekend!

It’s almost here! You may be grasping at the air to pull this weekend into today, what a week it’s been!

This week we have focused on classes to bring our minds into clarity that may have followed a few chaotic days. The new moon in Gemini may have left you feeling a little bewildered and completely incapable of making a normal and logical decision! It’s okay, we all feel, we are human!

Im glad to tell you that all of these things that appear in our lives give us the contrast in which we need day to day, we need the lows to highlight the highs! We need a balance and we need a gauge to truly learn and understand things.

So if you have been feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry! Just know it’s a phase that will pass and you have a choice in how you move through it. I would recommend you read Rebeccaa new blog post (previous post) it is amazing and may hopefully bring some sort of clarity for this month!

Saturdays classes approach and we are excited to be heading out to our first yoga festival of the year in the afternoon! It will be great to take part and feel the yoga community again!

Rise & Shine Yoga 10.00-11.00am (online)

Energise Flow 11.45-12.45pm (studio)

Have a beautiful evening... I might see you for our crazy power yoga at the studio! If I don’t, enjoy a rest and set your intentions for the weekend.

love V x



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