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Let go now or fall

Let go now or fall. We can create much more freedom within our lives if we allow ourselves to loosen the grip a little bit. I talk about this a lot within classes and many of you have probably heard the words ‘let go’. Maybe letting go only makes us feel resistance and actually cling harder, but I want to let you know that this ‘letting go’ or practicing non attachment doesn’t ever mean forgetting. Everyday we are bombarded by information, conversations, responsibilities, deadlines, material stuff, but what takes up the most space is the mental ‘stuff’. Every day you’re accumulating more of it and it get’s heavier and heavier, only to realise that we may not know we can gently unhinge it from our shoulders or we actually give ourselves permission to feel and express how it makes us feel.

The more we carry the heavier it gets, the body becomes hardened and our mind rigid, our physical posture changes in means to protect itself, symptoms arise of overwhelm, under sleep, anxiety, we don’t know what to do, who we are and start to feel out of control.

Let’s learn to pause this chaos. Let’s learn to let go. I’d like you to sit for 5 minutes and write everything down you’re feeling and thinking, it can be ANYTHING & I want it all, don’t filter it, don’t share it, it’s yours and yours to observe and process.

Then take a few minutes to reread, and observe how much ‘stuff’ is there and notice if anything is unresolved, not sorted, not processed, a memory, the future, something in our control, something not in our control (most of the time it’s not!) and give yourself time to notice, how much we carry when we don’t need to, how heavy it can feel, how influential things are on our well-being. From that list, let’s learn to let go, give yourself permission to loosen the grip of the things you don’t need to carry anymore, it’s okay.

By letting go you create more space, for joy, peace & all the things that light you up.

Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting, it just gives you more space to feel, breathe. You also don’t need to refill yourself, be open for a while. Take what you need, leave what you don’t.




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