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March Newsletter

Updated: Mar 14

Hey gorgeous souls!


March is here and I can feel Spring is approaching, it's lovely to notice more blue skies, crisp cold air and brighter sunsets. Ive been in nature more and have lots of lovely plans for my weekends that are free this year. Im so happy to have booked a holiday and have nice things to do over the next months, so much to enjoy!


This weeks classes are themed around Spring, where our energy begins to feel as those its ready to emerge from the deep cave of hibernation we may have found ourselves in. Our motivation starts to reappear, our energy levels might feel a little more stable and you are ready to start manifesting and making new plans for the future.


The Solar plexus & the Root Chakra are playing a big part in this energy of Spring. Within TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) we also celebrate the element of wood where we rebirth, growth & expansion. The organs related to Spring are the Liver & Gallbladder, so some techniques you may recognise when I brought it into classes just before Christmas based on another perspective, Anger! Its going to. belovely to share this practices with you and I hope you enjoy what's to come.


Please find below a brief outline of news this month:


- You can now enjoy two back to back Forest Sound Bath sessions in the forest. These have been sold out to full capacity for month's so opening up a second session opens up more space for you all to enjoy a practice at a different time that might suit your day better.


- Relaxation Yoga & Sound bath sessions will run monthly on a Sunday evening 4.00-5.30pm, this will remain at this time throughout the whole year.


-Myself & Rebeccas 'Nurture & Nourish' session has had a name change, this is to respect another local teachers event with the same name. Our session is now called 'Comfort & Calm', the session is has exactly the same content as before, they are incredibly special.


-The workshop capacity will be limited to less than before, with more workshops running I want to offer more for everyone, and at a comfortable number for more personal touches.


-Every session is suitable for everyone, if you're ever curious to come along to a class or workshop you will be held and supported the whole way! I promise once you come to one session, you'll be hooked!


-Please read my terms and conditions before booking, I no longer offer refunds but am happy to transfer your booking (72 hour notice) to another workshop free of charge. Cancelling your place after a workshop has be held is not valid. I hold a no photo policy, this is why you never see the magic of my sessions online! I'm there in my full presence and firmly honour that what I offer isn't about me, but its about you, in your energy and vulnerability. You, however can take photos before and after the session!





Here are this months upcoming workshops, please note two back to back forest sound bath sessions in the Forest, Ive decided to keep the times for the sessions the same every month, not only to avoid confusion but to let us all enjoy spring/summer sunsets.


Workshops are designed as beautiful practices that really help us to create more of a self care routine in our day to day, they are always going to support your wellbeing and I hope spark your curiosity for life. Each session has the season in mind and you can always enjoy something different each time! Enjoy a mix of my offerings all rolled into these specific sessions, you will soon fall in love with yoga and may it be a welcome place that always helps you to find balance.​


Saturday 16th March

Family Yoga & Sound Bath in the forest


Wyre Forest Discovery Centre


Saturday 23rd March

Inner Beauty Workshop


The Oaks Community Hall, Harvington.


Saturday 23rd March

Forest Bathing Sound Bath

3.00-4.15pm AND 4.30-5.45pm

Wyre Forest Discovery Centre


Sunday 24th March

Self Care Sunday in the Forest


Wyre Forest Discovery Centre


Sunday 24th March

Comfort & Calm Yoga, Astrology & Sound Bath


Wyre Forest Discovery Centre


Sunday 24th March

Relaxation Yoga & Sound Bath


Wyre Forest Discovery Centre


All workshops are deeper immersions with more of a personal touch, they really give you an opportunity to delve into the realms of self care and personal development. You don't need any experience, you don't need to do yoga, you just need a little spark of curiosity that wants to help you better yourself, improve your health and wellbeing, to gain a clearer mind and to live a more fulfilling life. I promise you wont be disappointed, and maybe, just maybe, after coming to one you may feel so much better within yourself.


You can find each individual workshop details and booking information on the classes & workshops page, if you have any questions or worries please feel free to get in touch.

All workshops are deeper immersions with more of a personal touch, they really give you an opportunity to delve into the realms of self care and personal development. You don't need any experience, you don't need to do yoga, you just need a little spark of curiosity that wants to help you better yourself, improve your health and wellbeing, to gain a clearer mind and to live a more fulfilling life. I promise you wont be disappointed, and maybe, just maybe, after coming to one you may feel so much better within yourself.






"NURTURE & NOURISH" has been renamed - "COMFORT & CALM"


I have renamed this session as I want to respect another teacher I know who offers a session with the same name. Its difficult with so many teachers within the surrounding areas (I know many of them very well!) all sharing their own personal sessions with similar themes in mind. I make a very personal effort to not step on other teachers toes, I respect their personal teaching 'territory' and wont copy & paste their hard work they share from the heart. So when I came across Nurture & nourish from a lovely local teacher I only felt it right to amend the name to support and respect her offerings too!


The name change does not change the session in anyway, you're still going to be guided and cared for in the most loving way possible!




Monthly Sundays in The Forest (indoors)


I'm so excited to share these collaboration sessions with you all this year, myself and Rebecca have co-hosted lots of workshops together before and have manifested our very unique teachings together to create an in depth immersion to relaxation & self inquiry. Rebecca, trained priestess works with astrology & many other magical tools that can help us gain more spiritual awareness when we have more of an understanding of the cosmos. Each month in these workshops she will share a small talk about whats happening astrologically at that time of year, it's fascinating and can offer reassurance when things are a little hectic in your life. Along side her wisdom you can enjoy being wrapped tightly in blankets, head massage, guided relaxation and sound healing instruments placed on and around the body. Let's get comfortable & calm.


These are more personal sessions so the capacity is low.




Self Care Sunday sessions are the most beautiful get togethers that help us to rebalance, reset and refresh our bodies and minds for the week ahead. These self care sessions are a staple within Victoria's offerings and even though they're only 2 hours long you will be filled up to the brim with many practices, techniques and tools to nourish your heart & soul!


Upcoming dates for 2024:


Sunday 24th Mar 11.00 -1.00pm

Sunday 21st April 11.00 -1.00pm

Sunday 4th May 11.00 -1.00pm

Sunday 30th June 11.00-1.00pm


+ Bookings can be made via the workshops page.

+ Sessions are £22.22 per person.

+ The space is held indoors over looking the forest, disabled access & toilets available.

+ Parking is to be paid separately upon arrival, either by app (its best) or at the machine.


Be guided through a morning of yoga, meditation, self massage, face yoga, sound healing and many more magical modalities. Take away a mindful handmade gift bag with pamper treats for the month, you can enjoy a lush soap, neal's yard sample, health snack & many other lovely handpicked treats.





These sound bath sessions in the forest are the most beautiful workshops where you can pause, rest and drift off into the deepest state of relaxation. Enjoy being guided through gentle breathing meditation and body scan relaxations, move a busy mind into the present moment. This is not a movement session, you will be lying down wrapped in your blankets and cosy layers for the full duration.


Upcoming dates for 2024:


Saturday 23rd Mar - 3.00-4.15pm & 4.30-5.45pm

Saturday 20th April - 3.00-4.15pm & 4.30-5.45pm

Saturday 29th June - 3.00-4.15pm & 4.30-5.45pm


+Sessions are £22.22 per person.

+Additional payment for parking on arrival.


No experience is needed, just a need for rest. This is a perfect practice for everyone, busy minds, all facets of stress in modern lives. This is the perfect place to reset. I want to fill this space, with gorgeous souls, where we can enjoy the reminder of being human. That we can all be held, without interaction or expression, that we can all softly fall into stillness and ease, comfortably without expectation.




All of these classes are held at Wyre Forest Leisure Centre, Silverwoods Way, Kidderminster. You can drop in any time & don't need to be a member!



Pilates 12.10-1.10pm

Gentle Yoga 1.15-2.15pm   



Pilates Intermediate 1.30-2.30pm

Gentle Yoga 2.45-3.45pm



Flow Yoga 8.15-9.15pm



Power Pilates 8.00-9.00pm



Gentle Yoga 11.30-12.30pm


You're invited to join me in studio, any day, anytime. Along side my workshops I teach in studio Monday - Friday! Classes at the Wyre Forest Leisure Centre are suitable for absolutely everyone, they are inclusive, suited to all bodies' where you can enjoy layered postures and modifications to suit your pace and needs. Beginners welcome, drop in, no membership needed!




This month myself and my gorgeous boy Gus are sharing another family yoga and sound bath session on:


Saturday 16th March!

10.00-11.00am in the Forest space for family time that's mindful, playful and

connected. Ages 3+ welcome!


We will be running these outdoors throughout the school holidays too, I'm just arranging and confirming dates!


Online yoga returns to the timetable and I'm so happy with this decision! After a few months of sharing in person on Monday evenings I've had a fair amounts of blips running the class and made the decision to end the term on the 25th March. Having gone online two weeks ago due to the cold weather the connection with everyone online, the feedback I've received and reach to my yogis who live far away its been a huge success. So Ive deceived to stay online for the foreseeable!! You do NOT need experience to join me online, enjoy practicing in the comfort of your own home, grab your cushions, practice in your Pjs and even share the class with your family or loved ones.




Sweet Potato & Spinach Curry


Im in love with making curries this month, Ive been absolutely inspired by the beautiful lunches I ate at my Vipassana course last May and havent stopped making them since! This is simple, wholesome, packed full of goodness and great for all the family. Its low spice (I had Gus in mind) but you can add a chopped chilli if you fancied it a little warmer!


Here are a few playlists that are wonderful to listen to anytime of day, you have a little two playlists that can help you shake out tension, have a little dance or just enjoy something different to listen too!


Valentines Flow -


Pilates Mix -


If you have a few spare minutes or feel called to write a little heart felt essay it would be lovely to hear from you.Your feedback means the world to me and can help improve my offerings and also help me know how you feel coming to practice. If you would like to leave a review please click the link below, your feedback could be that little spark that could inspire someone to try yoga, to nudge someone in the right direction and helps to build our Wildlove family! Your input creates a ripple effect and inspires others to begin their self care journey, connecting us all as one, you're not a drop in the ocean, you're the ocean in one drop!


Wildlove Yoga is a heartmade business built and created by Victoria Waits. Her offerings are unique, manifested from the heart and strives to bring people back home to themselves. With this in mind the terms and conditions for her offerings are as follows:


+ Classes are inclusive to all, Victoria feels yoga is for every, body. No matter what age or ability you are, you will be held and supported in your uniqueness. Every class offers layers and suitability to every participant, no matter how many are in a class. Beginners are welcome to join anytime!


+ Classes, workshops and events are non-refundable. Cancellations must be made 72 hours before the session starts. Your booking can be rescheduled to another event free of charge once. No shows will still be charged, rescheduling after the event is not applicable. If Wildlove cancels the event you will be refunded.


+ No photo policy - This is something sacred to Victoria's offerings, she will never photograph a session while teaching or its participants. If you attend you are welcome to take photos of the set up/alter/soundscape your personal group or selfies. Please refrain from photographing others, this honours and respects the personal energy and protects their vulnerability while attending.


+ Health declarations are to be filled in when booking a session, this is to keep your account up to date (regardless of if there are no changes), it complies with Wildlove insurance policies and keeps Victoria in the know about any personal requirements you may have. Failure to complete a health form will void your booking.


+ Personal space while setting up is important for the events, please do not disturb the setting up time. For many venues we are only allocated a 15 minute set up time before the event starts (or we pay for the extra hour). This is precious time to create the magic and appreciate the small wait before the doors open. Please do not enter without Victoria present.

Thank you for being here, for connecting with me, for reading, for listening, for moving with me, for laughing, for sharing and for being a part of the Wildlove family. Allow my connection to you to be a reminder that you can be beautifully human anytime and that when you attend my classes you are accepted and held just as you are.


Thank you for your ongoing love and support,

You are loved,


V x


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