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May Workshops EARLY!!

Mays workshops are over a week away!!! I've moved them earlier as Im going away at the end of May so wanted to share sessions with you before I went away, spaces are already filling so if you would like to join me book on as soon as you can.

My workshops for May are all on the Sunday as Ill be at Rebecca's Well Wishing Wellbeing Fayre on the Saturday with all my jewellery, it would be lovely to see you there!

​Saturday 4th May 10.00-3.00pm Well Wishing Wellbeing Fayre

Sunday 5th May 4.00-5.15pm Sound Bath in the Wyre Forest

Monday 6th May 4.00-5.00pm Wellbeing Day at The Commandery | Yoga and Sound Bath (SOLD OUT)

Enjoy movement and sound healing practices guided with philosophies of yoga that support your wellbeing. Watch and feel the seasons change within the @Wyre Forest - Forestry England space as we embark through a new season of vibrancy, connection and clarity.

All sessions are designed for all abilities and ages 16+, you do not need experience, if you have any questions or worries please feel free to drop me a message anytime.

Workshops are by booking only.

Booking confirmations to be shown upon arrival.

For more information & booking please visit the classes page:


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