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Natural Skin Care Workshop - Face Yoga!

I am beyond excited to be sharing another self care session with you, Inner Beauty is a session designed for the ultimate natural pamper experience. Learn to heal and create healthy skin with age old techniques. We don't need anything expensive, just time, our healing hands and a little knowledge!

Ill be sharing beautiful facial massage techniques to tone, de-puff- brighten and tighten the skin, its also helpful for lifting the skin and getting rid of stress wrinkles! Enjoy learning facial reflexology points to stimulate healthy hair growth, balance the hormones and aid in collagen production.

You are invited to join Victoria for another wonderful inner beauty workshop, these workshops are very popular and are a lovely opportunity to inspire your skin care routine in a more natural way. Sharing simple and effective beauty tips that cost nothing and are product-less. Learn to glow from the inside out, learn to heal your body with the touch of your own hands. Within this workshop you will learn natural skincare techniques that will give your skin a healthy glow, promote tone & circulation and can also relax and regulate the nervous system.

You will learn Guasha techniques, facial reflexology points and myofascial release for the upper back & chest. By learning to release the neck it can create an anti-sag effect on the face. Release headaches, tension, grinding teeth. Beautify and tone the skin to reduce lines and wrinkles.

+ Learn a Dien Chan face map sequence to balance the hormones & promote healthy hair & skin. This is a acupressure point sequence which correlates to the internal organs (very interesting!)

+ Enjoy Guasha techniques to boost circulation to the face & neck, aiding lymph drainage and toning.

+ Myofascial release for the upper back & chest.

Saturday 9th September. 11.00-1.00pm

The Oaks Community Hall, Harvington, Kidderminster.

£20 per person +£2 booking fee.

Please bring: Yoga Mat. Cushion. A clean face (or at least no foundation!)

Notebook & pen for notes!

All skincare tools are provided, you are welcome to bring your own moisturiser if you wish. I will be providing jojoba oil. Upon booking please note any allergies in your health declaration.

I cannot wait to share this special workshop with you!

V x



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