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New online classes

Starting next week you will be able to find two new classes on the timetable!

Lunchtime Express Yoga & Pilates, 45 minute ONLINE classes that will help you to stretch and release midday and enjoy getting your practice in if your schedules are busy.

These classes are wonderful for those working from home, sat at a desk or if you're in need of a little midday pick me up.


Express Yoga 12.15-1.00pm


Express Pilates 1.00-1.45pm

They are now open for booking, open to everyone and all abilities! New to ZOOM? If you're unsure of online classes get in touch and we can set up a private session to help you figure out the technical side of things! You can also visit the FAQ page on the website for a little help.

Thank you for being so supportive and all your encouragement, see you on the virtual mat!



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