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NEW TIME! Wakey Wakey Rise & Shine!

After lots of reaching out, feedback and polls Ive decided to keep the Saturday Rise & Shine class permanently at the time 9.00-10.00am this class has been one of the most popular online classes in the week and I LOVE teaching it!

I thought an early start would give us more time to enjoy the day and allow our yoga practice to become part of our routines. Early morning before breakfast is the perfect time and you'll notice big changes to your day adding movement and mindfullness upon waking!

This class is open to EVERYONE! We start by honouring how we feel physically and emotionally, we ride the waves with whatever comes up for us and soften into it. We enjoy a little shake out, shaking out helps us to release stagnant and built up stress and tension within the body and it FEELS SO GOOD! Being online lets you do things you may not normally feel comfortable with doing in the studio and shaking and jumping around is one of them! (Trust me, you'll love it). You may be guided through self massage, face yoga, isometrics, somatics and very normally end up in a full blown flow. Its a journey to explore, from the slow and tired morning body and mind to feeling energised and ready for your day an hour after!

Come and join me online every Saturday 9.00-10.00am

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Beginners welcome, classes are always open to join when ever you like!

Have a great day,

V x


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