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New Yin class

I really wanted to get a Yin/Relaxation class on the timetable for these cold days and evenings. So I have added a new class for you, every other Monday!

Starting on Monday 21st Dec 8.15-9.15pm, to help us unwind before the Christmas break, the class will start up again in January.

I think it's really important to adapt your yoga practice with your state of mind and how your physical body feels. I have personally noticed and I'm sure you have too, how tired the body can feel, it takes a little longer to get into the gist of the day. You're a little more achy and stiff than normal. Yin yoga is a perfect way to stretch the body in a relaxed state, we use cushions, pillows and blankets to support the body in postures. Yin yoga isn't necessarily an 'easy' practice, we work into the postures, we find the stretch and we stay there for between 3-5 minutes. A little discomfort goes a long way, this practice helps the body to open, release tension and stress and you have the most incredible nights sleep.

Come and join me, every other Monday to rest, release and settle into yourself.

Huge loves!

V x


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Lynne Truesdale
Lynne Truesdale
Dec 09, 2020

yay xxxx big hugs and thank you xxx


👏👏👏Thank you

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