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Power in the Darkness. Super New Moon in Scorpio.

We have entered into what is the dark half of the year and we are all feeling the affect of the change in seasons along with lifes other current challenges. Lunar’s energy is here to support us through this time and give us the power to move through the rest of this year as she opens the eclipse portal. Lunar will shed her new light in her supermoon form on Sunday 15th November 2020 at 5.07am in the transformational sign of Scorpio.

As a super new moon, Lunar appears closer to the Earth and therefore her powers are amplified, making this a powerful new beginning for her new cycle. She is at her darkest right now and draws us deep into her sacred cauldron ready for the transition into Winter. As with nature, Lunar calls us to release what no longer serves and let it die so that we can make space for new growth. In this Lunar phase we are asked not to create intetions for manifestation but rather, intentions to release so we can transform and transcend into the light. The sign of Scorpio holds deep magic. She is the witch within and the Dark Mother who cradles us all. She brings us the power to embrace our shadows, alchemise our soul and draw from the depths to become an oracle of truth. If understood, Scorpio will give us the enchantment to rise from the ashes in a burst of colourful flames. It is useful to look at where Scorpio sits in your own natal chart, noticing which house energies she may activate at this time? In the physical body Scorpio rules over the pelvic bowl and sexual organs. She relates to the sacral chakra and is the element of water. This makes her new moon light a time of emotional intensity and with Mercury also in Scorpio, this may exaggerate any emotional conversations. She will indeed take us to the depths of our emotions and will tease out our hidden fears.

There is a big emphasis on relationships during this new lunar phase. She is firstly happening conjuct (next to) Juno who is the asteroid of relationships and whilst the lover herself, Venus is at 22° Libra. This is also very powerful, as the last new lunar light shone at 22° Libra! Which has left a residual energy which will again be ignited during this new moon. We are being asked to consider how we are making energy exchanges with others now? How do we want to share our energy and whether our energy is effected by another? Maybe take time to check in with the relationships in your life and recognise any change or alchemy needed to support you now.

Just before this new Lunar light, Mars will finally ascend from her underworld journey and station direct on none other than Friday 13th.  Unlucky for some, the 13th is a number of sacred divine feminine suggesting that new feminine power will initiate now! Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio so expect a little fire or sting from her tail. I feel the guidance here is that this has the potential to give us the boost we need to move forwards rather than hinder us, but please still be mindful of Mars dark side whilst she remains in her retrogarde shadow. Irritation, anger and frustration may still reveal themselves from time to time. During  this Lunar light, Mars will square Jupiter and Pluto still in Capricorn at present and we already know the tensions that are at play here.

Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio and represents the cycle of death and re-birth. She takes us deep into the underworld to shed our old skin and re-emerge following a dark night of the soul. At 22° Capricorn Pluto will conjunct Jupiter at 23° of the same sign bringing with it the ability for the truth to be revealed yet again! Their first conjunction was back in March and I wonder what more we need to learn? It is initiating a further awakening and perhaps its worth asking yourself how your thoughts, beliefs and choices may have transformed this year?

Allow the transformative power of this new lunar light to culminate within you. Let it fill you up so your soul can be set ablaze and you can rise from the ashes re-born!

Supportive practices for this new moon include; Breathing into your pelvic bowl, sacred cauldron connection, Yoni steaming/cleansing, hip opening yoga practice, and sacral chakra work.

New Moon Goddess Invocation

Invoke the power of the goddess to enable you to journey deep to create an intention to release what is holding you back from your true power. I am being guided to work with the goddess Lilith for this new moon.

I do not fear the dark, for there is hidden light. I let my soul journey deep into the depths of night. I call upon she who is from the beginning of time, and ask her for the courage to release these fears of mine. Give me the power to ignite, from the ashes i will rise as flames tonight. Transforming myself and alchemising my soul. Blessings to you Lilth for your guidance to make me whole.

Please remember you are warmly welcome to contact me for any support or information. I will be sharing some of the sacred practices on my facebook page in the coming days. I also offer Stella Star Story Medicine readings for anyone searching for more in-depth information and guidance.

Wishing you all well and stella star blessings for this new moon in Scorpio.

Rebecca Yoga Fae xxx


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