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Relaxation yoga & deep rest.

I have the most gorgeous class planned for tonights online session, dreamy playlists and soothing words. This moon energy and eclipse seems to be very powerful and has really effected me physically the past few days. A headache and heaviness in my body, tired and a little cloudy in my mind.

Todays classes at the studio were beautiful, slowing down and inspired by the principle Pratyahara, its our theme for this week. A beautiful opportunity to learn more about withdrawing ourselves from loud and busy external stimulus. Helping us to focus on ourselves. x

Join me on the mat tonight 8.00-9.00pm for a slow and soothing practice. Deep rest is needed.

Also TOMORROW is the first MYOFASCIAL release & yin session 8.00-9.00pm (online) and it would be amazing if you can join me, you WILL need 2 dog balls to use for massage, we cannot do it without.

Ill be sharing updates about this weekends workshop later this evening, pure magic incoming! X

V x


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