Self Care Workshop

As we move towards the Autumn Equinox we move through the season of change, shedding the old to give birth to the new. Within this self care workshop you will learn to let go of old habits, emotional patterns and stress to move forwards in life with more positivity, lightness and a calmer body and mind.

Self care is something within our lives that often gets put to the bottom of the priority pile. We find we get stressed more easily, we get triggered by the tiniest things, our patience becomes less and we then find ourselves in a vicious cycle of fatigue and overwhelm.

Building a self care practice isn't to be looked at as selfish, it is necessary! To learn the tools and techniques in which we can feel calm on a daily basis, things to do when we feel triggered or stressed, techniques that bring you back into your body and mind.

Within this workshop you will: Learn to build a meditation practice. Start a gratitude journal to increase positivity. Explore a yoga practice to reconnect the body and mind. Enjoy a guided relaxation to relax the whole body. Learn different elements of a self care routine. You will be gifted a Gua Sha and will learn face yoga to boost skin care routine, body brushing and self massage. Learn techniques to de-stress and sleep better!

This workshop is open to everyone!

This workshop is open to beginners to advanced, a yoga practice very often starts from a place of self care before physical postures. Come and explore, create balance and learn to unwind.

The workshops are held at The Oaks Village Hall in Harvington, Worcestershire.

Spaces are limited and by booking only!



£15 per person

Bring your yoga mat.

A notepad and pen.

A blanket and pillow.

Comfortable clothes.

If you have any questions regarding the classes or workshops please feel free to get in touch anytime.

I cant wait to see you!

V x


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