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September Newsletter

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

September, you beauty!

Oh my, I must say I do love that Autumn is on the way, even though I adore the summer months and warm sunshine my favourite season is Autumn. It's the season of change, transformation and new chapters. What are you looking forward to this month?

Here in this months newsletter, you will find a variation of upcoming workshops, classes and online practices and my goodness there is so much to look forward to!


Autumn is a beautiful time of year that allows us to withdraw into the baby steps of hibernation, it seems that the world and nature gets a little quieter, offering a time of self reflection and introspection. When we step out of the hot summer days we feel the cold air moving in, the leaves fall and a sense of letting go moves all around.

Within Ayurveda there are three primary Doshas. Each person has each of these three Doshas, but one Dosha is more predominant. Just as we have one of these energies 'ruling' over the others, each season is also dominated by one of the three Doshas.

Autumn is the season of Vata Dosha, qualities of this constitution are cold, dry, rough, light, changeable and constantly moving. Vata is a combination of the elements air and ether, so the energy is very airy, flighty, creative and very much in the clouds! When we want to work with balancing this energy we have to do the opposite, so we would bring in the qualities of Earthly and fire elements. Grounding practices that are slow, still and strength building, sometimes creating heat, twisting and allowing plenty of moments to rest. Grounding yoga practices really help us to anchor us back in the moment and out of our flighty minds, helping us feel calm and steady.

Im currently writing about 478234 blogs all at the same time, an in depth write up on the Doshas is one of them, so sit tight, it will be shared soon!

What are your favourite things about Autumn? Do you notice the qualities of Autumn affecting your body and mind? Do your eating habits and exercise routines change? Ill be sharing so many wonderful techniques and tips in all of my upcoming classes and workshops, you'll soon notice that the way I teach is very much tuned into the seasons, weather and the way us humans move through our daily lives. Bringing the ancient teachings of yoga to modern life.



Im hoping to fix a few dates through Autumn and Winter so I can share monthly sound bath sessions with you all, this will hopefully be a Sunday or Monday evening. Perfect to find a deep state of rest, recalibrate for the week ahead and calm the whole body and mind.

Ive recently written a blog post about what a sound bath is, so if you're a little unsure and want to know a little more heres the link:



Along side my studio classes Ill be leading a few final outdoor sessions through September at both Bells Farm & Bodenham Arboretum, if you haven't managed to make one of the outdoor sessions this year theres still chance! They are wonderful and it will be lovely to embrace the changing trees that surround the space.

September 10th - 11.00am-12.30pm Outdoor Yoga @Bodenham Arboretum

September 10th - 2.00-4.00pm Introduction To Yoga Workshop @The Oaks Community Hall

September 10th - 6.00-8.00pm Autumn Rest Yoga & Sound Bath @The Oaks Community Hall

September 13th - 6.15-7.30pm Yin Yoga & Myofascial Release @Church House

September 14th - 6.00-7.30pm Outdoor Sunset Yoga @Bells Farm

September 23-25th - EARTH YOGA RETREAT @Bells Farm

September 27th - 6.15-7.30pm Yin Yoga & Myofascial Release @Church House

You can find each individual workshops write up and booking information on the workshop page, there are lots of amazing workshop collaborations coming up over the next few months with my close friends!



This months classes bring lots of nourishment and deep practices, you will find that within the cooler and colder months ahead that our practices dip into heat building postures, core and inner fire work, immune boosting breathing techniques and sequences that keep us motivated through the months that often bring a sense of sleepiness and hibernation!


I have a new in person class starting on Tuesday 13th September, a beautiful deeply relaxing practice that stretches the muscles, connective tissues and helps to create more space within the whole body, its probably one of the most beneficial yoga practices that helps us to release physical aches and pains and aids in reducing stress and inducing deep sleep.

This session will run every other Tuesday (attendance permitting) from September 13th.


Church House

Rectory Lane, Areley Kings,


Worcestershire. DY13 0TB

This is a small and intimate space and the session is limited to 10 students per class, these are first come first serve spaces. You will need all your cosy things, cushions, blankets, blocks and bolsters, everything and everything to rest and support the body while you rest and settle into each posture! Yin yoga, here we come.



23-25th SEPTEMBER 2022

Last but not least I am excited to share my first yoga retreat this year! There are only a few spaces left and my goodness this is going to be one of the most transformational of gatherings, I feel it in the air, that after many years of uncertainty and turbulence within the world through lockdowns and restrictions its finally time we can reconnect back to each other and ourselves.

Over the three days you can enjoy yoga, meditation, music, sound healing, treatments, homemade food and be welcomed and held in a space of the most beautiful teachers.


  • 2 nights accommodation in wildflower fields local to Stourport, Worcestershire.

  • Shared space within a fully furnished cosy yurt.

  • Healthy and nourishing veggie/vegan meals breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Guided meditation, yoga practices.

  • Special workshops & earth immersions.

  • Teacher - student support, personal oracle & tarot readings.

  • Beautiful toilet & shower facilities.

  • Onsite carpark and security for overnight staying.

I could talk all day about this magical event but you can find two full pages of goodness on the website, so if you feel intrigued just click the link below for all the details!


Well, I think thats it for now, but you know i'll keep you in the loop with everything upcoming each week, I feel so grateful to share what I love with you all, thank you for being here beautiful one.

See you on the mat soon,

V x


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