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Setting Intentions.

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Its here! 2022!! Happy New Year! Let's inspire ourselves to be kinder towards ourselves, to honour that life is very fast and we can slow down but also give ourselves the chance to be uplifted by your own mind and actions.

Intentions, Affirmations or Mantra can be a really powerful way to set up a positive mindset for the day, week or even year. New years resolutions can sometimes be something out of reach or something that feels too hard to work towards and we get disheartened when we only managed to do a few weeks. Start small and simple and it will grow and become a part of your life. Give yourself time to just think of a word, whatever that may be, is yours to keep. I love that affirmations can be simple and effective, that they don't really ask anything of us and can be a gentle reminder to check in with ourselves. If we are feeling overwhelmed or stressed we may just need that one word 'grounding' to bring us back into our body, to remind ourselves that everything is okay.

Here are a few words that may be helpful...

Calm. Peace. Kindness. I will. Strength. Grounding. Communication. Truth. Rest. Time. I shall. I can. Space. Freedom. Depth. Grace. Softness. Fluidity. Quiet. Clarity. Control. Breathe. Confidence. Energy. I am. Blessed. Soft.


You may have heard me say in class before (especially in the good old ridiculously challenging classes) about the willingness to try, a few important words that could change everything. If we tell ourselves we cant do something we wont even try. Have you ever caught yourself making excuses to not do something or put yourself off with "Im not good enough".

Im here to remind you that you have the strength and power to achieve anything you want!!!

Put your positive mind to it and let's go! How can we use affirmations or mantra in daily life?

I know we have all used the excuse "I don't have time" before but honestly, adding one word to your day could create a positive cycle that can bring about a more conscious connection to yourself and others around you. Affirmations can be about anything you want to improve in your life, such as your relationships, job performance, or physical and emotional well-being.

Positive affirmations help change the way your brain interprets what it hears, which helps develop new habits and behaviours, if you tell yourself enough you will believe it, whether it is positive or negative.

You can bring about a more connected mindset with these helpful tips:

+ Set an alarm.

If you set an alarm in the morning for work, rather than it saying "Alarm", change it to "Im going to have a great day!" or something similar. Its like you're giving yourself a high five in the mirror! (And if you roll your eyes at the concept, trust me it will work).

+ Post it notes.

We all write shopping lists or notes to remind us of things so the same can be said for positive pick ups.

+ Repeat to yourself.

Saying your affirmation can be really helpful to in still it within the body and mind, saying it out loud is even better! Repeat it three times in a morning and/or before bed.

+ Speak confidently.

The way you speak to yourself matters, truly. When saying the affirmation to yourself believe it, believe it as a hard fact, that cant be compromised. Self belief goes a long way.

+ Only positive.

Positive affirmations need to be picked mindfully, if they include 'don't', 'can't' or 'won't' your brain will still focus on the negative when it truly wants to connect to positive. Positivity breeds positivity so tell yourself you CAN instead of you cant, a good example: I’m never worried” to “I’m always calm.”

+ Direct your energy.

Nothing really to do with affirmations but just as important. Become aware of the surroundings you're in, your relationships, your job, your home life, your friends, that one really negative family member that saps the life out of you. As mentioned above, the way you speak to yourself matters, and the information you are absorbing from external stimuli will also have a huge effect on your mental health. Start noticing what/who make you feel energetic and uplifted and the things that don't. Know you have a choice in where your energy is given and don't be afraid to create a little distance from negative vibes.


It's very easy for us to get caught up in our thoughts and negative patterns so this is why starting small and simple can be so effective. The power of the mind is profound and using positive language to yourself (and others) has been scientifically proven, read here for a little more insight in our wonderful brain: .

The New year can bring many things to light for us, so take a few days to find your feet. Without pushing the past (and its experiences) away allow yourself to learn from the lessons it has taught you. Ive learnt many this year and Im choosing to grow from them rather than allowing them to hold me back. Become a better version of yourself, not only this year but each day!

Sending you all my love,

This year and always!

V x

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