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Shrawley walk

Today myself and Kate embraced a rainy day to explore Shrawley woodland. Another place that is so close to home that makes you feel worlds away when you're walking. I think it's a great idea to plan ahead whatever the weather, the outlook was cloudy with rain all day, so what better way to enjoy a walk with shelter from the dense woodland, pausing in our tracks to listen to the rain, admire the tiniest mushrooms growing on the trees and really breathing in that amazing rain drenched forest smell!

I mapped out the route on my app so was happy to see 'Shrawley nature reserve' on the sign just as we headed towards the starting point. We parked at the New Inn (great sunday dinner after the walk!) and headed up the track, the pathway was muddy (rainfall!) but it was a very clear and easy path to walk, intertwining through the trees and such an expanse of land you could explore it endlessly. We followed the path around the edge which came out by the River Severn, I admired the cows in an open field, it was also nice to see track beyond the other side of the river too! (Next time!). Heading towards Olivers mound there was private woodland which I had to adapt as my route seemed to go straight through it. But it was easy to find an alternative. Open fields with cows, sheeps and bulls gave us a giggle, we passed spring onions by a farm and it was so nice to enjoy different landscapes on the walk.

Overall an easy walk that doesn't really have an incline or any strenuous points. Just wear wellies! We walked 4.6 miles and I could have personally walked all day!

Lovely to get out in nature within our local area.


V x


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