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Technical Blips.

T E C H N I C A L . B L I P S

I wanted to give you a little update to questions you may have and help you with any technical issues that may be occurring! As I have always said if you have any issues first hand please email me directly if I am aware of the issue I will try my best to resolve it, if you don't reach out regarding as issue I won't know about it or how to help!

I still have a handful of you who get in touch regarding not receiving the booking confirmation after checking out.

+ Please double check the email you are using to book with, that its an email you can access, and the email address is spelt correctly.

+ Check your spam/junk folder sometimes you need to 'allow' or mark the website or my email address as safe to keep receiving updates.

+ Patience! Please allow 15 minutes for your booking confirmation to arrive, if it doesn't come through almost instantly email me (avoid facebook, messenger, txt, instagram, whatsapp) it's so easy for me not to see these as I will double check gmail before the session starts.

+ Don't leave it last minute, the last bookings for class are now 15 minutes before it starts. As mentioned above, if you don't get your confirmation automatically email me asap. I will not reply once the class starts.

+ Booking via the app, I have had a few messages saying booking via the app was being a little temperamental last week. Checkout was flashing, please close your app tab and reopen, check the app is up to date, but the best way to book is through the website!

+ Get in touch! Don't be afraid to message me with ANY worries or queries, Im literally the other side of the screen (as you all know!) Problems are easy to resolve when we know how. Thank you all so much for your feedback, honesty and being open to the wonderful world of online classes. It's all a learning. curve!


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