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Upcoming Workshops

The final workshops of the year are just around the corner, and my goodness they are going to be delicious. They are open to everyone ages 16+ and you don't need any experience of yoga to attend these. It would be lovely to wind down and guide you towards the end of the year in these final workshops. I have so much to share with you in the new year and Im so excited to share with you!

Deep Rest Yoga & Sound Bath.

Saturday 4th December


£25 per person

This deep rest workshop will be all things to help you unwind, rest, de-stress, relax and really let go after this busy year. You know the most wonderful way of indulging in self care is by doing nothing!! I will be leading a yoga practice that is slow, supported by blocks or pillows, you can stay cosy in blankets and really let the body release. I'll be sharing Yin yoga and a beautiful yoga nidra (lonnnnnnnggg guided relaxation). Within the relaxation part of the practice it will seamlessly transition into the sound bath, where the body and mind will be cocooned in soundscape, singing bowls, gong, chimes, flute, a beautiful inner exploration that releases emotional and physical tension.


Sunday 5th December


Ayurvedic Yoga massage is a beautiful practice that uses technique to manipulate the muscles and also includes assisted stretches, myself and my partner are both qualified in Ayurvedic massage and we love practicing it, and teaching it! You will be shown the techniques in layers with me teaching and my partner receiving then you be guided to the same on your partner, don't worry, we will have time to take it in turns! This is a workshop for friends to partner up or couples to enjoy time together, its a wonderful chance to share time to do something a little different.

We would love to see you for our final workshops of the year next weekend!

Thank you so much for your attendance over this years workshops, next year ill be sharing even more, and I cannot wait!

V x


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