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Wildlove Walks - Meall fuar-mhonaidh

Just look at that view! This place is STUNNING, our first walk early morning when we arrived at Scotland, a little drive down from Loch Ness and you're at the foot of this great hill. Its not a circular walk (which we prefer to do) but seeing the view on the way up and noticing the contrast on the way down was incredible. We were so lucky with the weather and the walking conditions on that day, once we reached the top we were lucky enough the see Ben Nevis in the distance!

Starting at Drumnadrochit we drove down winding lanes and parked at Grotaig, there is a little car park and signs for the walk, you can't get lost as this is the end of the road! The beginning of this walk is BEAUTIFUL. The most magical woodland this is interviewing and boasts lots of air plants hanging from the tree branches. Its tranquil and you wouldn't know that once you have walked through this woodland that you end up on the most incredible peak where you can see for miles. From the start of the walk you're walking uphill... the whole way to the top!

Once you find your pace you'll forget walking and just be in awe of the view, I couldn't stop looking in all directions, we were lucky the sun was shining the whole time and the sky was clear! Be mindful that the Highlands grassy lands are boggy and will suck your shoes off if they had chance, we went up clean and came back filthy! The boggy land does throw off the path so you may be weaving around the large mud patches and with the land not being flat your legs will work hard!

Once you reach the top the view is stunning, you can see Loch Ness and the stretch of the Caledonian Canal, it's worth the climb all the way there to just then sit and take the view in. The one thing I will say about this walk is SPIDER FLIES, this isn't the correct name for them but depending on the time of year you are walking you may be covered in them. The whole walk we were flicking these strange flies off us, they were chunky (they don't bite) and they don't budge! So if you're planning on walking prepare for extra unwanted company or wear a layer so that they cant irritate you!

Path visibility: Very boggy ground, path visible and only one way up!

Time: 3 hours

Footfall: Very quiet as we walked early, more people walking as we walked down. But quiet!

Difficulty: Very boggy ground and an incline from the start!

Distance: 5.96 miles

Max Altitude: 3190 feet

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V x

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