Wildlove Walks - Shrawley Circular

A wonderful local walk for those living close to Kidderminster/Stourport. Its a 20 minute drive out of town into a little village called Shrawley. We park on the pub called the New Inn (they have the MOST incredible homemade Sunday lunches!) which you will find just opposite the beginning of the walk.

Be mindful that this track can be very muddy when its had a downpour so wear your wellies! If you're taking the kids they will have plenty of time to enjoy the wonderful stream running through the beginning of the walk!

A gorgeous easy going walk with lots to enjoy, dense birch forests, wildlife, cattle and sheep fields, streams, rivers and this particular walk you can also enjoy a little hidden waterfall!

This month (March) the wild garlic and bluebells are beginning to grow, they literally blanket the floor of the woodland! Eating the wild garlic leaves or picking them for in your salad is a treat, just make sure you know what you’re picking! (You will smell the garlic in the air!)