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Wildlove Walks - Stiper Stones

Well, this is a new firm favourite of mine! Newly added to the list of places close to my heart and somewhere I will always recommend and revisit. We explored a large circular walk which started at Snailbeach (cute huh!) sadly there wasn't a beach, and I didn't see any snails but this is part of an area of the Snailbeach Lead mines which we came across at the end of the route. If you didn't want to do the full walk you can actually park on a lane running adjacent to the Stiperstones and have a stroll up for an hour or so (this is something that I will do with Gus in the future).

Just over an hours drive into the Shropshire hills you come across a vast landscape of fields, marsh land, farm land, craggy rocks and hills. It is STUNNING. The outcrops of high rocks are any boulderers dream and I'd happily lose a few hours just sitting on them with a good book.

We experienced all weathers on this walk, the photos are all from the same day! We had bright blue skies with sunshine and no wind, and then just as we sat on 'The Rock' snow started to appear, which then turned into a blizzard, it was surreal and beautiful! Be sure to be prepared for walks like this, even if they are local, suitable footwear, suitable clothing and a few snacks and plenty of water. Travel light and efficiently and you will get the best out of your trek!

The route is fairly straightforward but as you're covering a few miles I would stay close to the route as you could easily end up in the middle of nowhere. There are a few spots where you will have to climb through a fence and forest but you'll see another sign post in the distance!

Path visibility: A varied path from fields, dirt tracks and serious rock trails. Suitable footwear is advised!

Time: 6 hours

Footfall: A few people dotted along the 'Stiperstones' but alone the rest of the walk.

Difficulty: Moderate.

Distance: 11.00 miles

If you're ever out walking, exploring and enjoying nature don't forget to tag #wildlovewalks to share your experience!

Happy hiking!

V x

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