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Worcester Cathedral Sound Baths CANCELLED


I am incredibly disappointed that after 3 months of hard work with my time and money heavily invested into planning for the sound baths at Worcester Cathedral they have cancelled my events this Monday just gone.

This is out of my control, not cancelled on my part and they haven't given me a clear reason. Everything was confirmed only to find out, new guidelines and rules are in place that dont allow me to run my events. My first event was confirmed in September. I am frustrated, embarrassed and left baffled by the whole ordeal.

I have had to think incredibly fast being this close to the events and December, with so many venues booked for Christmas and trying to do this over the span of a few days has left me frazzled. For those who have already booked you have received and email from me with all the details. If you have booked and haven't received an email please get in touch, I ve had a few spam bots mention about a bouncing email so they haven't been delivered.


After a lot of hard work and desperate searching over the few days I needed to confirm somewhere by Friday, I am happy to say I am now running my relaxation Christmas sound bath sessions at Hartlebury Castle I cannot thank them enough for their support and allowing me to use their stunning space, they really have saved me!!!

If you have already booked onto any of the Sound bath sessions at the Cathedral, please check your emails, all of the details are in there... I really do hope you can still join me, due to cancellations, transfers and refunds being processed new spaces will appear, I will keep you all updated, but for now I have to keep my head down and sort this mishap out.

The events are now updated on the calendar with a new date 3rd Dec to replace the 16th. My original dates were all confirmed for Worcester Cathedral but now have to change this one date to accommodate the new space. If you would like to book please do, or keep checking back. Im sorting out 150 bookings over the whole week so thing will be changing all the time.

Thank you all for your support and understanding, I really do appreciate it!!!

Victoria. x


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