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Yang & Yin Yoga Workshop


This is a very special workshop with my Yogi twin beautiful Marie from Wild Wolf Movement, the Yin to my Yang. We are working in a collaboration session sharing our love for yoga and the two contrasting styles of Yin yoga (Stillness & deep rest) and Yang yoga (Movement & activity!)

You will be guided through a two hour practice with movement & stillness, within the first half we explore Yang, a practice that is flowing, heated and instills focus, clarity and discipline. We then allow the body to settle into postures with props to find deep stretches that release and lengthen the muscles and connective tissues. Yin yoga has the qualities of cooling sensation, stillness, relaxation and feminine energies. Both practices combined offer balance to our body and mind, all intertwined together with poetic philosophy and guidance.

Within this workshop you will: + Rebalance the body and mind with two beautiful styles of yoga.

+ Enjoy a slow flow with Victoria followed by a contrasting practice of stillness and rest with Marie. + Learn breathing techniques to recalibrate the brain. + Enjoy contrasting practices that will open your horizons to yoga styles and lineages. + Be supported and surrounded by like minded people, come and enjoy time to yourself, to learn, to move and to be held by two intuitive and wonderful facilitators.

Saturday 15th Oct 6.00-8.00pm £20 per person

Spaces are limited and by booking only.

NEW VENUE - Stourport farm shop & Kitchen, Walshes Farm Caravan Park Ltd, Dunley Rd, Stourport-on-Severn DY13 0AA (Look at the gorgeous space!)

Please bring along:

A yoga mat. A blanket and a pillows (for the Yin part of practice). Comfortable warm clothes.

All workshops are open to everyone*, beginners too advanced, honouring your body and abilities. Each posture is adapted and modified into layers, making the practice suitable for absolutely anyone. (*ages 16+).

If you have any questions regarding the classes or workshops please feel free to get in touch anytime.

We cant wait to see you, V & M x


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