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Yin & Myofascial Release - Starting Tuesday!

A BRAND NEW class is on the horizon! It's been long awaited and Im so glad I am finally able to share it with you. This practice has been wonderfully dreamed up and is one of the most amazing classes I will ever share.

The combination of Yin yoga and myofascial release allow us to create space within the connective tissues and fascia within the body and stretch and lengthen the muscles. This process allows us to access areas we cannot often get to within 'exercise' classes and we allow ourselves to approach the body with kindness and relaxation.

We will move through postures slowly and give support to the pose with cushions, blocks and bolsters. Once the body has created the shape we rest for a few minutes, we don't force or push, we simple let the body do what it needs to do. You'll find that adding the myofascial release makes a huge difference to the depth of postures and overall range of movement, so once the practice has finished you will feel lighter, more in touch with your body and incredibly open in ways you will have never felt before!

This class runs bi weekly on Tuesday evenings.


At Church House, Areley Kings.

Bookings for this class are essential as its a tiny intimate space! I'll be providing bolsters and our myofascial balls, please bring along some cushions and a cosy blanket.

You are welcome to join me, anytime.

V x


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