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ZOOM Step by step.

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Here you will be able to find step by step guidance to help you get into the world of technology, some people are online savvy, others not so much. But as with anything, if we’re willing to give it ago, the benefits are boundless!

Online classes aren't something of the past, we have been blessed with the world of YouTube for 15 years and the platform just keeps on growing. This means that yoga and fitness videos are easy to access and often follow along to, but what we really crave is that personal touch, that real guidance from a teacher who can engage with you, watch you and tailor specific postures.

Since lockdown #1 myself and many other teachers had to think really fast about how they can still share their teachings! Zoom was the answer, and after testing the ropes for a few weeks I really couldn’t do without it.

Here you will find a step by step guide to get you online and enjoying your favourite classes! While enjoying a youtube video you have the ease to press pause, rewind or even skip! Zoom sessions are streamed live so you will enjoy realtime practices and those laughable interruptions from kids running in, cats joining practice and the postman at the door. (Please remember if your camera is on, to be fully clothed!!) Another great thing about online classes are, it feels personal, like it's just you and the teacher in the room.

Let's get started!!

+ The main thing we need to focus on here is the website or APP called ZOOM. If you have a phone you can download the app, if you have a laptop, Mac, ipad you can create an account on the website. (You do not need to upgrade your account and ignore the 40 minute time limit if it pops up when signing up, this is for people hosting meetings/sessions).

+ Once you have an account (Its free) on ZOOM, whatever device you’re watching on, a simple click of a link and it will automatically load everything for you. + Upon booking a session you will receive an email that looks a little something like this:

"Great news! Someone just booked one of your services".

Here are the details:

Customer Info

Name: Joe Bloggs


Number of Participants: 1

Service Info

Service Title: Thursday Power Pilates

With: Victoria Waits

When: Thursday, 12 November 2020 19:00 GMT

Where: ZOOM

Video Conference: Start Zoom Meeting

Payment Info

Price: £5.00

Total Due: £0.00


The Wix Bookings Team


+ You will see above it says START ZOOM MEETING. Click this 5-10 minutes before the class starts and you will be in a waiting room. All you need to do here is WAIT until the class starts at the correct time.

+ When you are admitted into the session it will pop up with a window saying 'use microphone/audio' click YES. It will say 'use camera' click YES.

+ You'll see a little bar at the bottom of your screen, if you want to mute/unmute click the microphone icon (far left), same with the camera you have an option to have it on or off, personally as a teacher I love to see who im teaching, but also completely understand and respect if you want your personal space.

+ Once in the meeting you may see lots of other participants pop up on your screen, these are all the other students in class! Once you can see Victoria, you need to right click and press PIN/ACTIVE speaker. This will bring Victoria into full view and minimise the other participants.

+ At the beginning of practice Victoria allows a few minutes for everyone to settle into the session and get your mat in the right place! She will share the playlist, walk you through any issues and share the weeks intention. Remember you're at home and you can take it all at your own place, technical hitches do appear, sometimes your internet may go off, the app might crash, but you'll be let straight back into the session without interrupting anyone else.

+ If you have any questions at the beginning, during or the end of the session you can use the chat icon and Victoria can reply directly.

+ Once the session ends you just click the END button (far right).

If you have any questions regarding online classes, please get in touch anytime.

You're now ready to get practicing online!

See you soon,

V x



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