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Offerings - Earth Embodiment 

Rebecca will be leading a practice bringing us back down to Earth. This will be the first physical practice within the retreat! - This magical class will bring you the opportunity to work with the current cycles within the cosmos and bring the energy down through your subtle body to earth. We will be exploring a mixture of somatic movement, gentle yoga, visualisation and celestial connection to enable you to begin to understand how the medicine of the stars can be used to support you. You will learn which chakras link to the planetary goddesses and how to harness their power from within.

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Rebecca is a colourful and magical soul offering an alternative, compassionate and gentle approach to yoga. Rebecca began her yoga journey around 9 years ago following experiencing some severe spinal issues. She had always led a life of movement and trained as a dancer and performer for many years previously. Unfortunately, Rebecca was forced to give up dancing when her back condition worsened causing daily pain and discomfort. Life became increasingly more difficult physically and emotionally and Rebecca felt that there was no hope left.

Rebecca had tried yoga many years before during her dance training and when she heard that this may help she felt she had nothing more to lose. The truth is that she has never looked back since. Yoga was the best decision she ever made and has truly changed her life in more ways she could have ever imagined.


Rebecca is a qualified 200hr Kundalini Tantra yoga teacher, hatha and restorative yoga teacher. She also holds a qualification in Children’s yoga with many years of experience working with adults, children and families as part of a healthcare profession. Rebecca has an extensive background and qualifications in dance and movement and following many years of training and experience with anatomy she can offer many solutions and modifications to support individual bodies. She will often incorporate somatic movement into her sessions to increase participants ability to take their attention inwards, into their internal sensing body offering an opportunity to develop more body awareness and deeper connection with the self. Rebecca is also a dedicated elemental and priestess of the stars. Following a path of goddess brining the energies of earth and the stella stars together to be the bridge between the above and the below. She will share the medicine needed to embody the energy of inward and outer cycles and she has a passion to learn and to support others to find their own inner magic.

Rebecca allows everyone in her classes to work at their own pace and gives them the tools and support to progress as and when they feel ready to.


Rebecca also has a connection to all things magical and incorporates these energies into her teachings bringing an alternative, enchanted and deeply healing sense to working with the mind, body and soul to achieve a state of pure bliss. In Rebecca’s words “There is magic in movement, always let your soul sparkle.”

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